Rapid availability of shipment

The tanks are cleaned on the way back from every delivery so that they are available immediately when they reach the next loading port. The high pumping capacity (300 – 600 m3/hour) and design of the tanks ensure fast loading and unloading of cargo. The crews work according to a schedule of one week on, one week off. This means Sealake can guarantee availability 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. All vessels are equipped with the latest navigation, communication and computer systems.

Self-built ships

Most of Sealake’s vessels are self-built. The company’s engineers take the hulls and install the tanks, engine rooms, controls, loading and unloading machines, cargo heating, tank washing systems and all the other facilities required. Everything is specifically designed for the transport of oils, fats and derivatives. Sealake has always used steel and stainless steel for constructing tanks and instruments to ensure higher standards of hygiene, more efficient cleaning and increased product quality. The tanks are fitted with hot water heating.


The terminals in Rotterdam  comply with the BRZO2015 (Seveso III) directive, which means an extended safety management system audited annually by the local authorities. Sealake elected to have one system for all eight of its terminals. This means that the terminals in  Avonmouth and Gdynia also all comply with the strictest regulations.